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halloween 'N' stuff....

Happy Halloween! check out my art

What do you think about this drawing

2013-05-25 15:28:09 by AV-rogue

Made year ago...

What do you think about this drawing

NG Chat!!

2010-08-15 04:41:28 by AV-rogue

NG chat got bug!! it dosent let me in agn!! kinda anoying =,=


2009-11-12 13:52:26 by AV-rogue

I donĀ“t know what too talk about.... I just whant say that i love boobs... :P .......And that newgrounds is boring now.....Yea it is!!


2009-07-03 07:26:26 by AV-rogue

Finally art portal, good for NG ...
Still I am bored... ^^


2009-03-16 12:22:36 by AV-rogue

Newgrounds becoming boring ....zzZZ